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The era of Bricks & Mortars has already come to an end. Jeff Bezos(Amazon), Bill Gates(Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) & Jack Ma(Ali Baba) are the leading names in this era of Digitalization. Join Our DEP(Digital Entrepreneurship Program) to Built & Grow your Online Presence Globally.


Become a part of this Trillion$$$ industry which is highly profitable & Scalable. Start your own dropshipping business & sell 1000’s of product globally & locally with high margin, low overhead & little or NO investment.


Grow your business with highly effective Digital Marketing Skills like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Marketing, SMM(Social Media Marketing) & Email Marketing. Understand & Implement the process of Digital Marketing to bring free & paid traffic to your website.


Master Affiliate marketing and start building your passive income. Learn about different models of Affiliate Marketing and Top Affiliate Networks like CJ(Commission Junction), Amazon Associates & ShareaSale with this Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course.


Learn YouTube Promotion & Marketing techniques. Create highly effective video content with editing. Understand Monetizations & Policies of Youtube.

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I Just Achived

CEO, Ustaad.pk

Dilawar Ali Azeemi

DigitalPreneur, Sufi Disciple, CEO and Founder of Ustaad.pk and Ingenious.pk, Dilawar Ali Azeemi and his team are helping individuals, SMEs, and startups to start and scale their digital business.

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