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Learn How to Make 6 Figure Income From YouTube without showing your Face and Voice​

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Who is this Guy Claiming to Teach me YouTube Automation?


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CEO, Ustaad.pk

Dilawar Ali Azeemi

DigitalPreneur, Sufi Disciple, CEO and Founder of Ustaad.pk and Ingenious.pk, Dilawar Ali Azeemi and his team are helping individuals, SMEs, and startups to start and scale their digital business.

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Azad Chaiwala YouTube Channel

Azad Chaiwala YouTube Channel

Azad Chaiwala YouTube Channel

Start YouTube Automation Today or Regret 6 Months Later...

Who Should Enroll in "YouTube Automation Mastery" Program?

If you are a Complete Beginner

If you're just starting on YouTube, or you are a beginner thinking to start your YouTube Channel this beginner-friendly course will save a lot of your experimentation time.

If you already Have a YouTube Channel

Are you already working on YouTube? Our technical modules focus on advanced strategies and advance business frameworks which will help you in scaling your existing channel.

If you already Have a YouTube Channel

Are you already working on YouTube? Our technical modules focus on advanced strategies and advance business frameworks which will help you in scaling your existing channel.

If you are looking for Extra Income

Whether you're a working professional or a student looking for that extra income, YouTube can be a best side hustle for you in 2024.

If you are an Investor

YouTube is the best opportunity to make money from your money. Choose qualified students within the community and partner up with them on explained terms.

If you can't show Face on YouTube

Are you Camera-shy or a female who prefer not showing her face on screen? You can make money like other famous YouTubers too.

In short… This works for anyone, no matter the niche, your previous experience, content type or what country you’re in. These principles are universal and simply work across the board.

** You can skip this if you’re looking for a get rich quick and overnight success scheme. This is a serious long term & successful career path, not a shortcut.

The Best Part is, We Don’t Need Big Investment to Start YouTube Automation Business

If you are a beginner you can learn all the skillsets in a few months from this course and start making money through YouTube Automation without any tools.
If you are an investor you can invest in the right team and resources,
we will teach you cost effective strategies inside the course.

What if I'm not Tech-Savvy? Will I be able to Create Content Through AI?

Well, No worries at all!
This course is designed by keeping this doubt of beginners in mind. The concept are simple yet very powerful.
I have used beginner-friendly language, and step-by-step video tutorials to make sure even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily follow along. As you are getting 40+ hours of content, so everything is simplified properly.
Even If You're Not Tech-Savvy! Our Program Guides You through Every Step in Your Journey
(This special offer is only for Today!)

We have 48 Hours Money-Back Guarantee!!

If at all you are unhappy with this course, you can cancel anytime within 48 hours.

NO awkward questions! 🙂

You can ask our team at 0336-3668070 to cancel enrollment and we will refund your money.

You Don't Only Need "Right Strategy" But a "Supportive Community" too!

The Best Part is BOTH are Included in Your Purchase TODAY!!

If you face any technical issues during the course, you can ask your queries:

1) Inside the Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
2) Inside our Private Facebook Community
3) By Directly Mailing Us

We’ll make sure your learning journey is smooth.

Here's the Opportunity For YOU 👇


When You Enroll in "YouTube Automation Mastery", You Can Learn...

How to Target Tier-1 Countries on YouTube

Faceless channels that target countries like US, UK, Canada, and Australia can make you earn 10x more than channels having Desi Audience. That is only possible through YouTube Automation.

6 Valuable Skills

Learn valuable skills like Script Writing, Faceless Video Editing, Thumbnail Designing, YouTube SEO, Title Research, and Niche Research. Use these skills to offer services on freelancing platforms or within our community. Start making money instantly through services.

Remember: "You Just need One Successful Channel to Build Your Empire through YouTube"

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